General Dream Update

As the stress of March/conferences/submitting my research is in full tilt my dreams have been getting stranger and stranger. The stress is also making them hard to remember and only a trace of a uncanny feeling lingers as I wake up.

The dream like weirdness meanders all day.



2 posts in one day? Why not?

I just wrote something in ‘Discussions’ about how boring my dreams have been lately, but to do so I read through the notes I’ve taken about my dreams each morning.  A couple made me laugh, so I thought I’d post some of the backlog that I had forgotten about.

I remember squeezing myself into a tiny window display inside someone’s house to fetch some things I’d left there.  The owner didn’t understand and had a large dog attack me in there.  Luckily the space was very tight and I was able to talk him out of it before the dog was able to reach me.

One of my favorites recently was walking onto an epic battle scene: a row of younger boys on one side facing off against a row of adults on stilts, with a rack of swings in the middle.  The premise was that whoever got onto the swings first (they were really abnormally high) won – the kids had to jump and the adults had to navigate their stilts.

This was the snippet that really got me.  I have a clear memory of a coworker saying this exact sentence: “A boy got another boy pregnant – on his birthday!”  I woke up before getting an explanation.


Snippets and ponderings

I have been thinking that this project has made me better at remembering my dreams, which makes sense considering that I’m certainly putting in more effort than usual.  The disappointing part is that the bits that I remember seem to contain more banalities than I expected when I remembered mostly just flashes and leftover feelings.

Of course, dream emotions are not necessarily linked to the actual events, so I wake up sometimes feeling that I have undergone something tumultuous and terrible, then remember that it was a standard late-to-work or unexpected test dream.

I dreamed of fixing my car when I found out it was broken for good.

I started driving a stick shift for the first time and dreamed of wrecking one on a bizarre curve.

The other day my roommate told me she was thinking of putting in notice at her job, and I dreamed that she had simply quit.

I wonder if they are usually this cause and effect or if this is a spate of the banal due more to life events than pillowcase-related events.

tree hugger

last night i saw the most beautiful trees…

three friends and i were traveling in a strange car/ship, it was like a small boat but it was a car with wheels on the road. we all sat inside what was a little kitchen while one friend drove the “car”, every so often he would lean against the stove where the steering wheel was and just chat with us, then we would all yell at him that this wasn’t a boat in the ocean he had to look out the window and steer the whole time we were on the road. somehow though we were ok.

we drove passed a grove that was in a canal type of thing where i saw these huge beautiful trees with bright red petals that were the size of  car tires hanging off the branches just gently swaying in the wind, perfect gorgeous red circles. i had to have one, but we drove we drove further away i became more anxious about the petals. finally we arrived at our destination which was an old university that had a beautiful banyan tree that spread out over the entire campus. it was breathtaking, i walked up to the tree and put my arms around it and just stood there for a few minutes taking in the embrace. eventually we left and i asked if we could go back so that i could collect some of the petals that had fallen off the tree back at the canal. as we drove back we went past the ocean that seemed to be made of green kool-aid, it was like an emerald beautiful. we came back to the canal where i carefully rolled petals up in newspaper…and then i woke up..

my eyes are still half closed..i just woke up and came straight to the computer to type this dream out..i didn’t want to forget the petals…


Print Media Test

Last night I dreamt that a print technician made me take a written examination in Printmaking before using the shop… no problem…I thought…it’s not like I have a degree in this or anything. I ended up getting 8/16 on the exam and had to take a remedial class. But instead of the class being in the print shop it was in a classroom that looked like a middle school class with wooden desks and everything

… then I woke up.


I want to be Molly Ringwald

Last night I dreamt that I was shopping for a Halloween costume and I was obsessed with being Molly Ringwald from “Pretty In Pink”. I was searching vintage stores high and low for the perfect pink prom dress and I had already dyed my hair bright red.

Molly Ringwald in “Pretty In Pink”.

Then I remember it was Christmas time and I was helping my grandmother get her house ready for the whole family to come over. I couldn’t find the right outfit. I had a dress but I needed tights, so we drove to the mall to get tights at America Apparel. I ran all over the mall to find American Apparel and it took such a long time. I was in a rush so I was running, running, running. I finally got what I needed and ran out to the parking lot with my grandmother trailing behind me. Someone was playing a prank on her by pretending to steal her car (but my sister was involved, we had extra keys). So confusing.

Then back at her house I discovered a group of wild miniature pigs living in the woods in her back yard. They were mangey and being looked after by stray dogs… I decided to rescue them and find people to adopt them but I kept one for myself. My family was really upset that I got another pet and insisted that my pug was enough and I couldn’t take care of another animal. My pug looked super cute with the pig, though, and they were like best friends. I had to keep it!


Odd happenings

My dreams are becoming more confused with reality (I hope). I was sleeping on a friend’s couch with the pillow. At some point in the night some person came into the room and shined a torch in my face and said “Oh it’s you”. I shrugged it off rolled over and went back to sleep. When I asked around in the morning  no one says they did it. The back door was open all night so either I have foiled a robbery/intruder or it was a very realistic dream. I hope  it was a dream.